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Update: Turkey has begun bombing and land invasion of Rojava / Northern Syra.

Earlier this week, the US government has just announced that it will allow the Turkish military to invade Northeast Syria, where Turkey is expected to wage genocide against the Kurdish people of the region, and anyone else who stands in their way. The US just allied with local partner forces, including Kurdish-led YPG and YPJ, in Rojava. These brave fighters defeated the ISIS "caliphate" and reclaimed their homeland, protecting the world from global terrorism.

For the US to abandon their hardworking allies now would be a tragedy. A Turkish invasion would lead to further humanitarian disaster in the war-weary region, and will create the conditions to allow the re-emergence of ISIS. We must stop this horror. (text credit - Emergency Rally to Defend Rojava, Northeast Syria Event, Oct 8 2019, Noon, Washington DC - unaffiliated with this site)

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